Sergio Díaz.

Daydreaming: Mobile Processing Clusters

I think this blog will most probably become a daydream diary. Oh wellz, let's talk about random ideas. Today I was daydreaming during my calculus class (this is one of the reasons I suck at calculus, more on that in another post) and thought something really cool.

Now, this is kind of completely out of my field so I don't know how feasible or useful it might be but, I was thinking that cellphones spend most of their lives on standby and these phones have CPUs which we could use to do something useful, so how about we use them to help solve problems.

I was thinking of something along the lines of wolframalpha, solving via cluster of CPUs. We could connect a bunch of phones via an app running in the background which would receive requests to do some processing. These requests would be problems that can be broken up into smaller pieces.These pieces would be sent all around to phones to be solved and then be sent back to a server coordinating the problem solving.

You could also have the server look for phones with more powerful CPUs to solve more difficult parts of the problem, which might not be as easily broken down.

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