Sergio Díaz.

Migrating from Tumblr to Jekyll

A couple of months ago I moved my blog from Tumblr over to Jekyll and started hosting it with Webfaction. It's been great so far but, I never quite figured out how to get rid of my old url redirecting everything to it's new page on the new blog.

I originally thought I'd have to write a redirect rule for each of the posts I kept on the new blog and then make the subdomain redirect to to the domain. Needless to say that it felt so annoying that I ended up not doing anything at all. Until now, that is. So here is how I fixed stuff! First of all, since I imported my Tumblr posts using the importer that comes with Jekyll, I had urls that looked like this:

I didn't really change them, I thought that they having their old ID would be handy when I wanted to make the shift completely. This ended up being a good decision at the end.

So now, the only thing I needed to do was to redirect this:

to this:

Which isn't as straight-forward since, I have no way of knowing what the date might be, so I changed the permalink for imported posts to this:

layout: post
title: "JustVector Social Icons Font"

permalink: /post/4344642365.html

So I could just do a simple URL redirect. Now, all I needed to do was setup apache so it'd redirect the URLs as intended, that was probably the easiest part, a quick regex later I ended up with this:

RedirectMatch \/post\/([0-9]+)\/.* /post/$1.html

Which worked exactly as intended, now all I have to do, is wait for the DNS to finish propagating.

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