Sergio Díaz.

On Storytelling and Video Games

I think we live in a very exciting time. We have so many incredible things to communicate and so many mediums to do so. I've always been a daydreamer. I remember my third grade teacher using me in an example when he introduced the word. It always stuck with me, I am pretty introverted sometimes and, allowing myself to live in a different superposed world has always kept me sane.

All these years I've been developing a world in my head, all the fine details, all the characters that inhabit such a world and every single one of their motivations and dreams have been slowly built and polish as my life goes on. I've thought of writing a book for years. Not because I want to be a writer, I'll always be a programmer, but because I want to capture this world. I don't want to lose it and I want others who know me and have heard all my stories to understand how deep this rabbit hole is.

The problem is, I am not a writer (and as I said before, I don't want to be one) so, writing a book is pretty daunting. Luckily there are many other mediums available to me, even though I love all sort of media, my favorite one, and the one that incorporates every other media I like is video games. I've always wanted to become an indie game developer. So far I haven't been successful mostly because I let other parts of my life get in the way. I plan to change that though.

I want to use video games as a canvas on which I tell my stories. I think it's probably the only way for them to be as immersing for everyone as they've been for me. From now on, I'll start working on games that tell all of my daydreams. I've already started on the first one, the genre will be a huge mash-up of elements I like and will hopefully get my message through. Video games are truly the means to greater expression right now and I want to fully embrace that.

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